Plan Your Success

Think about tomorrow now – That means “to plan”
Reach your goals – This is called “success”
Sustainable Development Goals – These are the goals that mean a lot to us

Digitization, planning and optimization – These are the tools we use to make you successful

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The bisonaire portfolio contains many important components for companies that want to be future-oriented. Industry 4.0, digitalized processes, remote working or sustainable planning, to name just a few, are topics that define modern and competitive companies. This applies to production companies as well as service providers or local authorities. Use our offer to move your company forward.

Planning & Optimization

Process analysis and consulting, AI and machine learning, software for planning and optimization

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Delmia Quintiq

Delmia Quintiq implementation, system tuning, managed service, training and support

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Consultancy in digitalization and digitization in industry and municipalities

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Consulting and products for more sustainability

Go Green

Help us to use energy and resources efficiently. By optimized planning you make your contribution to environmental protection and careful use of resources. Go Green – for the sake of future generations. We support you with modern software and adapted algorithms.

Lower energy and resource consumption, e.g. through maximum use of scrap metal, also holds considerable potential for cost savings.

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If plans cannot be realized, then one must, by drawing on the past, get to know what is to come, and through the obvious recognize what is hidden. Whoever plans in this way can come to insight.

bisonaire shows you how artificial intelligence can help you gain this insight.

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We will be pleased to help you find answers to your requirements. Here you will find a selection of topics that are frequently requested.

Why work at bisonaire?

Make a difference

As a young and innovative company, we want to make the difference in a business world driven by profit maximization. We believe that it is possible to combine professionalism, honesty, friendship and social commitment. For a better world!

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Why work with bisonaire?

Trusted by leading companies

Digital processes and planning applications are the heart of a company. We are therefore very pleased that well-known companies place their trust in us. Here you can find some of our customers:

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We are here to answer you questions!

Sometimes even a short conversation or email is enough to give you a support for your request.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions. We will be happy to help you in an uncomplicated way.

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Events? announcements? specials? Here you will find news and information about bisonaire!

New „bisonaires“
New „bisonaires“

Great people are the treasure of a company. We are pleased that five of them have been supporting bisonaire since 1st of Oct 21. This strengthens our team to be even more powerful for our customers.

Simply bisonairy – the masterpiece
Simply bisonairy – the masterpiece

We always wanted a painting in our premises which reflects the bisonaire spirit. The artist Hanna Eichenhofer has mastered the task of combining our visionary corporate culture with our leitmotif, the bison, in a brilliant work.

Dual study program or internship with a kick!
Dual study program or internship with a kick!

You would like to start a dual study program of business informatics and are looking for an exciting dual partner. Then bisonaire is the right place for you. Because with us you not only have exciting tasks, you also get the Big Picture!