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From the transparent supply chain to production planning. Use the full potential in planning to improve sustainability and efficiency.

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    We optimize your applications

    More performance with less resource consumption through AI & Machine Learning

    Many roads lead to Rome, but which one is the best? Route planning for the next vacation trip has been “state of the art” for years and helps to avoid traffic jams and reach your destination in the shortest possible time. In supply chain management, too, the aim is to make the route from customer order to delivery of the finished product as efficient as possible.

    With state-of-the-art optimization algorithms we help you to use resources efficiently and maximize your output. And all this with a minimum of time expenditure.

    Our approach to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is so far unique in the entire metal industry and helps you to optimize your daily planning puzzle in a sustainable and efficient way.

    In this way you too can help to use energy and resources responsibly. For a sustainable and clean environment!

    We are ready for your new challenges and always have a suitable solution ready for you, no matter if and with which planning software you work.

    Unlock the power of smart optimization.

    This video uses a simple example to give you an idea of how to maximize the performance of your production.

    Trust in our expertise

    Our expertise – Our lead

    The roots of our bisonaires lie in years of experience in the productive industrial environment. Consulting and development “by practitioners for practitioners”.

    Successful planning is complex – it stands and falls with the quality of communication between users from production/sales/purchase and the IT systems involved. We help you to establish the ideal flow of information and data and show you potentials in your existing processes and workflows. We advise you on the selection of management, planning and software solutions that suit your company.