bisonaire SCAN

Successful companies know that continuous process optimization is crucial to remain competitive. With the bisonaire SCAN, we offer you a comprehensive analysis tool that helps you identify and analyze potentials for improvement in planning and SCM processes.

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Individual workshops and analysis

Understanding and optimizing the initial situation together

Our experts conduct a series of workshops with you to get to know the current initial situation (IST) in detail. The goal of the workshops and the on-site visit is to understand, collect, and derive insights from all relevant information for a comprehensive picture (mapped processes, lived processes, planning decisions, etc.) in detail, and to create a version and action recommendation.

Benchmark analysis

Comparison of your processes with industry standards

In addition, a benchmark analysis is carried out as part of the project. This serves to assess the integrated processes compared to the industry average and in comparison with the “Best in Class” in your industry.

The SCAN covers the entire material and information flow along the value stream. The overarching goal is to create transparency across the various systems and processes to enable a high-level view.

With this high-level view, your company not only gets to know itself better but also gains a better basis for strategically relevant business decisions. This basis is also the relevant foundation for bisonaire to develop improvement suggestions and action recommendations for you.

Long-term collaboration

Intensive mutual acquaintance for better decision-making bases

Another very important reason for the SCAN is the intensive mutual acquaintance. Both in detail and in the overall context, to provide you with better decision-making bases in the future. Various tasks (such as further developments in your systems) can also be classified and evaluated better in terms of subject matter and technology.

This is the foundation for a long-term, successful collaboration!

SCAN project goals and scope

Defining global goals and creating a vision

Upon completion of the SCAN project, the essential insights are collected, and a vision is created. The vision demonstrates what your company can do together with bisonaire to leverage identified potentials.

This report also contains the relevant results and action recommendations.