The bisonaire SCAN offers your company a structured approach to identifying challenges and potential for improvement in your processes and systems. On this basis, you can derive targeted measures together with us to optimise your business processes efficiently. The focus can be set according to your requirements, ranging from an analysis of the entire supply chain and beyond to the identification of weaknesses in a clearly defined area.

Through customized workshops, the creation of a detailed results overview and a benchmark analysis, you will gain valuable insights that will help you make solid business decisions for the future.

Working with bisonaire enables continuous improvement of your processes, increases your competitiveness and grants long-term success.

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    Definition of rough project scope

    SCAN-Project and Scope

    Our bisonaire SCAN project creates transparency regarding your business architecture, processes and the interaction of processes with IT systems. The SCAN identifies weaknesses and potentials for your business improvements.

    The significant added value that results from a SCAN for your company is that the customised analysis tool can be used for any type of business process. No matter whether it is the entire end-to-end process (order-to-cash), the supply chain, energy management, human resources availability, S&OP, sales or the consideration of the CO2 demand (“carbon footprint”) of your company.

    You define the framework, the scope of the SCAN individually:

    1. Which process chain or process should be examined? (Entire E2E process, supply chain, S&OP, staff availabilities, capacity planning, inventory & warehouse planning, machine occupancy and plant sequence planning, energy management, CO2 demand, etc.).
    2. What is the time horizon of this process? Should the analysis be done at strategic, tactical or operational level?
    3. At what level of detail should be scanned? How deeply should be analysed? Only the core process or each individual process step with the associated IT system?

    It is also possible to analyse the core process with the help of a Quick SCAN. For a more detailed examination, however, we recommend carrying out the SCAN in its full scope in order to identify comprehensive potential for improvement and to develop concrete recommendations for action for your company.

    Successfully reaching the goal in three steps

    What are the services of bisonaire SCAN?

    1. first contact & preparation: Prepare your SCAN Project
      • Clear definition of the scope of work: process, strategic, tactical or operational & determine level of detail
      • Stakeholder analysis to get an overview of all entities involved in or influenced by the process.
      • Preparations for capturing your ACTUAL process (in the business environment, ongoing projects, planning processes, analysis of existing material)
      • Planning of the bisonaire SCAN workshops
    2. Workshops: Scan your company with us – what will be analysed?
      • As-is status at a defined level of detail (also possible: quantitative survey for subjective, company-internal assessment of the as-is status)
      • existing professional and IT infrastructure, working and planning environment
      • integrated processes
      • High level process mapping
      • Challenges & potential for improvement
      • Derived actions
    3. SCAN-Output: Results & Presentation
      • Vision: Ideal TARGET process
      • Individual TARGET process by deriving and developing the potentials from the ACTUAL process analysis and the vision.
      • Recommendation for action: which actions/systems to implement in order to achieve the ideal state? (utility analysis)
      • Roadmap/timeline of next steps (from as-is status to target)
      • Estimation of costs, business case, amortisation calculation of actions
      • Industry comparison (industry standard: benchmarks, best practice)

    HOW does the SCAN project proceed?

    The SCAN of the defined project scope is carried out by means of joint workshops with you (variable number: depending on the Scope Of Work).

    The workshops can be assigned to 3 topic blocks, which are carried out to systematically analyse your processes:

      As-is status, KPIs to measure an overarching business objective and derived process / business KPIs, organisational structure, known weaknesses, challenges, potential for improvement.
      Positioning of the process in the overall E2E process, Screening of the processes using specific analysis methods, consideration of the transition from the annual budget to the quarterly/monthly/weekly plan, process mapping (process modelling) incl. use of IT systems, Challenges, potentials, measures/actions
    • Bringing IT-System INFRASTRUCTURE in process context
      Linking the process picture with systems, (e.g. planning systems, ERP, MES/BDE, CRM systems), IT interrelationships (data flow, interfaces), interconnections between systems within the processes, Challenges, potentials, measures/ actions

    There is full flexibility in the way the workshops are conducted. They can be implemented as remote or on-site workshops, depending on the selected scope of work. Both implementation options have their own individual advantages.

    Our remote workshops are particularly efficient due to online methods of workshop conduction and the facilitation of your presentation and sharing of your daily work directly in your systems on your own screen.

    Workshops in your company have the advantage that our consultants can get a first-hand impression, a personal exchange can take place with great openness and interpersonal company-internal influences on the processes can be discovered.

    Increase your competitiveness with specific process optimization through the SCAN

    We …

    understand your business architecture

    map your processes within the business areas

    transfer your processes to a customised IT system landscape


    On the one hand, we offer you expertise in the triad of business architecture, process solutions and IT solutions, on the other hand, many years of experience in the metalworking industry and cross-industry know-how of our interdisciplinary team.


    The bisonaire SCAN creates transparency on business processes and the interaction of processes and systems.


    After the SCAN, you will have a black and white view of your processes, challenges, potential for improvement and vision of the ideal state.  In addition, you will receive recommendations for action to efficiently achieve the individually tailored TARGET state.

    Furthermore, a sector comparison with benchmarking enables you to look at your position in the market regarding your efficiency, enabling you to make action-driven improvements at the right starting points.

    The SCAN project provides you with a well-grounded basis for decision-making, including a recommendation for action, by means of an initial cost estimate of the improvement measures and possible business cases and amortisation calculation of the actions.

    After a bisonaire SCAN you can also benefit from our complete service portfolio. We support you in project planning and management, in the implementation of the optimal measures gained from the SCAN and other projects such as the creation of data concepts, business development, IT system development or ERP/MES implementations and others.