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bisonaire accompanies your company and promotes your growth.
We integrate our innovative business solutions quickly and professionally into your everyday life.

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For a better world

Why bisonaire?

The bison not only stands for loyalty and courage. It is also a symbol of community spirit and freedom. And a strong symbol for the appreciation of nature.

Even barely escaping extinction, the bison has become a memorial: For our responsibility in dealing with our environment. For a respectful and appreciative interaction with each other. For an attitude of life of giving and not only taking.

In connection with our visionary lifestyle, we as bisonaire integrate the bison’s leitmotif into our working environment.

We asked ourselves how we can put our values into practice even beyond that.
One of the answers is bisonaide, a non-profit organization that we founded at the end of 2020. To learn more, visit www.bisonaide.org

What matters to us

Be who you are

The human being in his uniqueness is the center of our attention. It is our employees who make us what we are. Our team does not consist of anonymous “human resources”, but of authentic and equal people – the “bisonaires”. They stand behind bisonaire’s values and claim them when necessary.

We as a company…

  • reward the courage to break new ground.
  • create an environment that enables individuality and creativity.
  • support personal development so that everyone can reach their full potential.

On this value system we build trust based, sustainable and friendly business relationships. We always act according to the motto:

Be a bisonaire – Make a difference!

What characterizes our work

We know what matters

Quality and innovative strength do not come out of nowhere: Nothing works without people who are highly trained and enjoy their work. This is why we believe that investing in our bisonaires is the key to success.

Good products and services are only created when you understand your customers. That’s why it is important to us to fully understand the customer’s business field and relevant processes with their challenges. This creates solutions that work 100% in the field.

Our holistic consulting approach is what sets us apart. Every company is unique and needs customized solutions. A solution is more than just software. Whenever processes, users and the individual circumstances are taken into account, sustainable and efficient solutions are possible.

Honest. Friendly. Professional.

Our story

What motivates three people to give up a safe and well-paid working environment to embark on a start-up adventure? It is their vision to be able to put their enthusiasm for innovation and intelligent solutions into practice in an environment that reflects their personal values and does not restrict their life priorities.

Highest demands on quality and performance do not have to contradict work-life balance, humanity and fun at work. The founders Markus Pöhler, Stefan Eichenhofer and Pascal Lacmann want to prove this with bisonaire.

  • bisonaire relies on partnership, friendship and appreciation as a basis for cooperation.
  • An open, tolerant and self-motivated team that can feel part of a family.
  • A workplace at bisonaire as a chance for motivated people whose life story might present a stumbling stone elsewhere.
  • A working environment and atmosphere that promotes self-realization, performance and the spirit of bisonaires.
Services that create trust

The power of team and partnership

We are pleased that we can rely on the support of our partners.

Colleagues. Friends. Family.

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