DELMIA Quintiq Updates/Upgrades/Migration

bisonaire is leading the way when it comes to software updates for DELMIA Quintiq. As experts in the optimization of supply chains and production processes, we specialize in delivering the latest and most efficient solutions for our customers.

Our comprehensive understanding of DELMIA Quintiq allows us to perform software updates quickly and efficiently. In doing so, we can minimize downtime or errors during migration. We take pride in keeping our customers at the cutting edge of technology and maximizing the potential of their DELMIA Quintiq solutions.

Our commitment to innovation and excellence has made us a trusted partner for companies worldwide looking for the best solutions for their DELMIA Quintiq systems. Our team of qualified professionals continually works to keep our customers’ software up to date and ensure that they achieve the best results.

We are proud to set the standard for DELMIA Quintiq software updates and bring our customers to the forefront of their industry. We are more than just a service provider – we are a partner dedicated to the success of our customers.

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    Customer Feedback

    “There were no delays in the process. Everything went as previously tested and expected. Therefore no rollback to the old production system is necessary. I would like to thank everyone involved for the professional execution of the project. As I like to say – Our success is the reflection of our teamwork! Chapeau!”

    “I can only join the congratulations. Very good collaboration! Great project management, thank you. I would especially like to appreciate the exemplary communication in every single phase! So we can happily move on to the next challenge.”

    Our holistic approach

    Your Update

    Our offer includes remote workshops to jointly record the scope of work and your requirements for the migration. We focus on the migration of your live data to the current Quintiq version with a separate development and test system. Our service package includes test planning, project management, development services and two weeks of support after the go-live date.

    Our experts optimize your existing IT and Quintiq software architecture, including internal and external databases, and record ACTUAL system statuses, running views, reports, data imports and exports. We plan new hardware and system requirements and analyze your existing code structure to identify any deviations from the standard solution using our update checklist.

    Benefit from our migration and update management within a team of experts and our years of experience. We perform development tests of your datasets and carry out required customization services. Our analysis in the system and development environment enables us to provide you with the best possible advice on the current and target status for new functionalities.

    With us, you can optimize your Quintiq configurations, reduce redundant data, update and standardize master data, and improve your performance. We also offer the option of migrating to the WebClient. Our offer also includes test analysis and bug fixing in the planning environment within the test phase with key users.

    We plan your project using a timeline to coordinate all key project stakeholders. Our comprehensive change management for older Quintiq applications and support assistance even after a migration project ensures a smooth transition to the new versions of Quintiq.

    Clearly arranged for you

    Improvements and new features

    Learn about the opportunities of a more modern infrastructure through possible changes to develop a common understanding. This is the basis for a successful project. We introduce your new Quintiq version together with all knowledge carriers. With a comprehensive update process, our team accompanies you through all phases of the migration. After go-live, we offer three weeks of support as an integral part of our update offering. An interdisciplinary team accompanies you from the current state of your infrastructure to the new Quintiq target state and is available to assist you in all phases of the migration project.

    The current Quintiq version offers many improvements and new features introduced in the 2020, 2021 and 2022 versions. These include more modern design, performance improvements, easier implementation and integration, improved security, and much more.

    Discover more details in our flyer!

    Benefit from new functionalities in your planning application

    DELMIA Quintiq Industry Solution Upgrade

    At bisonaire, we do not limit ourselves to Quintiq Core software updates. We also specialize in updating Quintiq Industry Solutions – such as Scheduler, Company Planner, Macro Planner or Demand Planner – to a new version. A Quintiq update is similar to an update from Windows 10 to Windows 11, but it means you are running a current version of the operating system and receive all security-related updates and support. With a new version there are also a few new features, but these are only generally available and can be used in installed programs. With an update of the Industry Solution you will get all new features of the planning application – both from the Quintiq Core and from the application itself – e.g. all new features of the Company Planner like the Company Planner Web Client. Quintiq 2022 is required for the Web Client. If you have this version we can create a Web Client for your application. With the new Industry Solution version you have this automatically.

    This opens up a wealth of new possibilities and functions for your company, which can help to optimize your processes and increase your efficiency. With bisonaire, you can be sure that you are always on the cutting edge of technology.

    Feel free to contact us about the latest features in your Industry Solution. Did you know that starting with Quintiq version 6.1 Industry Solution updates are even easier? With a new technology in the Quintiq Core, individual further developments can be adapted to the new Industry Solution version even faster.

    When should you update

    Quintiq End-of-life (EOL)

    Release GA date FULL support end
    Quintiq 4.4 05.10.2010 31.12.2022
    Quintiq 4.5 03.07.2013 31.12.2022
    Quintiq 5.0 15.03.2013 31.12.2023
    Quintiq 5.1 18.03.2014 31.12.2023
    Quintiq 5.2 17.03.2015 31.12.2023
    Quintiq 5.3 15.12.2015 31.12.2023
    Quintiq 5.4 16.12.2016 31.12.2023
    Quintiq 5.5 08.09.2017 31.12.2023
    Quintiq 5.6 01.06.2018 31.12.2023
    Quintiq 6.0 06.03.2019 31.12.2024
    Quintiq 2020 17.01.2020 31.12.2025
    Quintiq 2021 15.01.2021 31.12.2026
    Quintiq 2022* 14.01.2022 31.12.2027
    Quintiq 2023 27.01.2023 31.12.2028


    GA = General Availability

    *Currently recommended version. New versions are still implementing features and are therefore not recommended for productive use.

    When should you update

    Windows Server and Databases EOL

    Release Min Q-Version Max Q-Version End of security support
    Windows Server
    Windows Server 2003 4.1 5.1 14.07.2015
    Windows Server 2008 4.1 5.4 14.01.2020
    Windows Server 2012 5.0 2023 10.10.2023
    Windows Server 2012 R2 5.0 2023 10.10.2023
    Windows Server 2016 5.0 2023 12.01.2027
    Windows Server 2019 5.0 2023 09.01.2029
    Windows Server 2022 6.0 2023 14.10.2031
    Windows 7 4.2 5.6 14.01.2020
    Windows 8 4.5 2023 10.01.2023
    Windows 10 1809 5.1 2023 09.01.2029
    Windows 11 21H2 5.1 2023 12.01.2027
    6 4.1 4.5 31.12.2018
    7 4.4 5.5 31.07.2022
    8 4.5 2023 31.12.2023
    11 5.4 2023 30.09.2026
    17 30.09.2029
    Oracle DB
    12c R2 4.2 2023 31.03.2022
    18c 5.1 2023 30.06.2021
    19c 6.0 2023 30.04.2024
    21c 30.04.2024
    SQL Server
    SQL Server 2012 4.1 5.6 12.07.2022
    SQL Server 2014 5.0 2023 09.07.2024
    SQL Server 2016 5.0 2023 14.07.2026
    SQL Server 2017 5.0 2023 12.10.2027
    SQL Server 2019 6.0 2023 08.01.2030
    SQL Server 2022 6.0 2023 11.01.2033
    Azure SQL 5.0 2023