DELMIA Quintiq Workforce Planner

DELMIA Quintiq Workforce Planner is an innovative scheduling tool for optimizing workforce planning in enterprises. With advanced features, artificial intelligence and customizable models, the Workforce Planner enables efficient allocation of staff resources and intelligent shift planning to balance workload and increase employee satisfaction.

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Personnel planning made easy

DELMIA Quintiq Workforce Planner

DELMIA Quintiq Workforce Planner is a powerful scheduling tool that helps companies manage their workforce planning efficiently and effectively. With its advanced features and artificial intelligence integration, the Workforce Planner enables the optimal allocation of human resources to balance workloads, increase employee satisfaction and reduce costs.

Take advantage of the advanced features of the DELMIA Quintiq Workforce Planner

Intelligent shift management and forecasting functions

DELMIA Quintiq Workforce Planner offers a wide range of features, such as intelligent shift management that automatically creates shifts and optimally assigns employees. In addition, forecasting functions enable precise planning of staffing needs, based on historical data and future requirements. This allows you to ensure that the right employees with the appropriate skills are always in the right place at the right time.

Customize the DELMIA Quintiq Workforce Planner to meet your specific business needs

Adaptability and flexibility for individual requirements

DELMIA Quintiq Workforce Planner is flexible and adaptable, so it can be tailored to your company’s individual requirements and business processes. By customizing the planning parameters and models, you can develop a solution that is tailored to your exact needs and helps you optimize your workforce planning.

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Demo of the DELMIA Quintiq Workforce Planner

To give you an understanding of the power and flexibility of the DELMIA Quintiq Workforce Planner, we offer you a free, no-obligation demo. In this individual presentation, we will show you how the Workforce Planner can optimize your workforce planning and which benefits will result for your company. Contact us today to arrange an appointment for your personal demo.