DELMIA Quintiq Company Planner

Put an end to complex planning processes. Give your supply chain the Company Planner from Delmia Quintiq and get your planning under control. With Company Planner, you can match requirements and demand coverage, ensure timely material replenishment, schedule orders against finite resources, and take your delivery performance to a new level. And along the way, you gain maximum visibility into the state of your supply chain at all times. Strong in all production trades and specialized in the metalworking industry.

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    DELMIA Quintiq Company Planner

    Where does the Company Planner fit in?

    In the context of different planning levels and our vision at bisonaire, we distinguish between the strategic, tactical and operational levels. The Company Planner is located in the Supply Chain Management and thus acts in the tactical level as “MPS” (Master Production Schedule) and “Order Promising” (Order Acceptance) tool. In the overall planning context, the Company Planner must be strictly distinguished from the APS (Advanced Planning and Scheduling), since the latter does not form sequences for production. As a tool for classic S&OP questions, Company Planner is only suitable to a limited extent, since scenario calculation and evaluation in Company Planner is not carried out by means of explicit and unambiguous key figures such as energy consumption, profit, CO2 tonnage, etc. The Company Planner is also not suitable as a tool for the production of orders.

    DELMIA Quintiq Company Planner

    When does this product make sense for you?

    Your customers are promised delivery dates that cannot be met by your production.

    Supply chains are often too complex to consider all framework conditions (capacity, material availability, sales quotas, campaigns, …) in advance during the sales process and an order commitment is then made, for example, only on the basis of simplified capacity considerations.
    They know that they could still increase their productivity by an optimized plan, but there is not enough time to realize the last percentages in the rough planning.

    Highly complex plan “puzzles” with many parameters (alternative work plans, order prios, multi-layered dependencies, inventory targets,…) and competing goals (e.g. delivery reliability vs reduce WIP) complicate the daily search for a globally optimal plan.
    Due to their enormous experience, they know the many challenges and pitfalls in their SCM and have difficulties or not the time to transparently present them to other decision makers “on the fly” in their daily doing.

    Quick (visual) evaluations based on the current situation and data situation, which are supported by experience, carry a higher persuasive power.

    If you are concerned about the above mentioned questions, the DELMIA Quintiq Company Planner can support you here.

    DELMIA Quintiq Company Planner

    Why is the product useful for you?

    As a highly effective MPS planning tool, Company Planner enables:

    • Improve delivery reliability
    • Increase delivery performance
    • Inventory preview and compliance with inventory targets
    • Lead time minimization
    • WIP reduction
    • Supply chain visibility (manage bottlenecks)
    • Increased productivity/utilization of equipment
    • Transparent and reliable order taking
    DELMIA Quintiq Company Planner

    How are benefits created for you?

    The Company Planner calculates global solutions for complex planning puzzles by means of a highly developed optimization algorithm, which combines and takes into account the individual objectives of all the above-mentioned focal points. The following planning decisions are made, which can also be made individually and software-supported (semi-automatically) by the planner.

    • Consideration of sales quotas (Sales Budget Check)
    • Material replenishment planning (Material Replenishment)
    • Material Reservation
    • Capacity planning

    This enables a reliable order acceptance process and increased precision in realistic scheduling. Possible delays in customer deliveries are identified at an early stage and the causes are made comprehensible.

    Other features that can be used to benefit from the Company Planner are:

    • Overview of
      • Individual customer orders
      • Resource capacities
      • Bottlenecks in production
      • Material situation (stock, receipts, issues)
    • Customizable KPI strategies
    • Automated and manual rescheduling
    • Result analyses and data export